Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Rights Protection
The subject of this notice are all web pages at http://www.opkp.si. All content on these pages is for informational purposes. 

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Limited Liability

Institute "Jožef Stefan" (hereinafter "Contractor") shall not be liable for the use of the website http://opkp.si and the possible damage caused by the use of its content and services.

The contractor must provide correct information. All content is subject to change at anytime without prior notice and the authors take no responsibility for the consequences caused by changes.

Limited Right of the Use of Content
The content on the website http://www.opkp.si is available for personal use, however, copyrights should not be violated. 
The authors of the content are not responsible for any adverse consequences of the use. Any other use or distribution of the website contents or a part of them is prohibited. 

Privacy Policy
Any data collected on the site http://www.opkp.si is subject to disposal in accordance with applicable law.