OPKP (Open Platform for Clinical Nutrition) is a an online dietary assessment and planning tool.

The users of the online tool can search the extensive dish database (food lexicon) to find the dishes that they have eaten or they intend to eat, and check their nutritional value. The found dishes can then be included in your meal plans and added into your food diary or menu plan.

The tool is primarily intended for patients as well as clinical dietitians and doctors
at the Pediatric Clinic and Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia, to help assess the patients' dietary habits, make dietary plans, and plan the menus in the treatment process.

We are also editing a collection of expert articles on the importance of nutrition for health (Nutrition guide) which offers a broader conception of the data from the food lexicon and the results of the Nutrition guide reports.


Project developers:

  • Computer Systems Department, Institute Jožef Stefan, Slovenia
  • - digital marketing
Financial Support:
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia
  • European Union, European Regional Development Fund
  • European Union, Project 2010-3475 _177201-LLP-1-2010-1-UK-ERASMUS-ENWA
Project Associates are:
  • Unit Of Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dietetics and Nutrition Service, Pediatric Clinic of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia, CINDI
  • European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD)

The project is supported by:
  • Slovenian Society for Clinical Nutrition 
  • European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
  • European Food Information Resource Network (EuroFIR) 
  • European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)  
  • American Dietetic Association

My food diary

Food diary is the basis for determining individual adjustments or changes in eating habits.

The diary reflects individual's eating habits. Without knowing the habits, an expert can not determine the changes that could improve the health of a patient.

My Menu

When we need to follow a certain diet plan, planning a menu is very important.

Experienced dietitians and nutrition organizers have the adequate knowledge to plan the menus in accordance with the recommendations. However, such task can be very hard for inexperienced laymen.

Why plan a menu?

If we are in the risk group, either because we are ill, taking part in a world-class sport, etc., our diet must be planned. 

Food Lexicon

The food lexicon includes descriptions of dishes, particularly in terms of nutrients and energy. 

The browser will help you find food and check:

  • the information on energy and nutrient composition, in the form of a table, chart or pyramid.
  • its possible ingredients
  • the dishes which contain this food as an ingredient.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is very important for the health, not only of healthy but also chronically ill people. 

According to modern medical knowledge (cachectic metabolic changes), an appropriate nutritional support as well as appropriate physical exercise are an indispensable part of the supportive therapy for patients who suffer e.g. from cancer and are getting treatment for it.